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The Alternative FAQs Podcast


We are Thoze People


Thoze People Entertainment Group is a group of friends that are passionate about creative content and are creators themselves! Whether it be music, film, etc. Thoze People Entertainment Group is the next up-and-coming movement of entertainment online. Currently the home of The Alternative FAQs Podcast; one of the fastest growing podcasts online, Thoze People Entertainment will entertain the masses by putting out sketches, short films, music, video reactions, debate shows and more!


GQ/ Actor, Director, Video Editor, Songwriter, Screenwriter, Recording Artist, Sound Design, Audio Production, Movie & TV Show Enthusiast
BarZ / Songwriter & Lyricist, Director, Video Editor, Cinematographer, Hip Hop Enthusiast & Analyst
Danger Felix / Editor, Humanitarian, Scientist, Defender of Justice, Connoisseur of Film
Soulpatch Adams / Screenwriter, Director, Cinematographer, Author Photographer 

Tech/ Technology Guru, Science Enthusiast, History Specialist, Automobile Aficianado



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For Booking or additional info, please call (954) 822-3853


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One of the best ways to show your support to the movement is to purchase your own piece official merchandise. We have a wide range of items ranging from shirts, to hoodies, backpacks, wallets, purses, backpacks, phone cases, cups, water bottles, sneakers and yes EVEN fidget spinners!

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We strive to create various means of media including comedy sketches (Hee-Lari-US Comedy Group), shows, short films and full feature movies for your entertainment as well as provide our views and opinions on today's sports, technology news, entertainment buzz, and pop culture rumors and updates ("The Alternative FAQs" podcast.)
With your support, we will be able to acquire the necessary equipment to create engaging content geared towards entertaining all of you on a consistent basis!

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Now on Spotify!

After being placed on NUMEROUS outlets, Thoze People Entertainment has finally landed their podcast "The Alternative FAQs Podcast" on Spotify!

Now there is absolutely no excuse as to why you should EVER miss an episode!

Remember, when you support Thoze People, you support YOU!